Obama’s Moral Outrage

December 11, 2008

Have I missed something?  Today in The Guardian there appeared an article titled “Obama calls on governor in Senate seat scandal to quit.”  Really?  This is the supporting statement.

“Under the current circumstances, it is difficult for the governor to effectively do his job and serve the people of Illinois,” Obama’s spokesman, Robert Gibbs, said in a statement.

It was the most expansive statement to date from Obama on the scandal…

How scathing!  Obama seems all most out-of-control outraged!  “Difficult for the governor to effectively do his job”?  Sir, you have cut the governor to the quick with this condemnation.

So where exactly is the call to resign?


Convenient Omissions

December 9, 2008

Second only to party identification of Gov. Blagojevich, one of the most unreported stories is the Muslim Jihadist identity of the Mumbai butchers.  An exception is a piece by Camille Paglia, who “was troubled by a persistent soft-pedaling of the identification of the attackers as Muslims –as if the mere reporting of that fact would be offensive and politically incorrect.”

The tragic fate of so many innocent victims in Mumbai deserves our pity. But what should live in special infamy was the ruthless execution of the Lubavitcher rabbi, Gavriel Hertzberg, and his lovely wife, Rivka, who was 5 months pregnant. These were two idealistic young people of obvious warmth and humanity, who sought only to serve. The rescue by their Indian nanny of their orphaned 2-year-old son, Moshe, crying and smeared with his parents’ blood, is already legendary. Was this zeroing in on the Chabad Jewish Center in Mumbai about Israel, or was it simply a gruesome eruption of the medieval tradition of anti-Semitism? Why have Muslim organizations, very quick to protest insulting cartoons, been mostly silent about the atrocities in Mumbai?

National Press Club Event

December 9, 2008

Orly Taitz describes yesterday’s eye-opening presser at National Press Club.   Looking forward to video.

I flew into the DC area on a redeye flight, and went with attorney Philip J. Berg and We The People Foundation chairman Bob Schulz to a press conference on the Obama Eligibility Issue at the National Press Club in Washington DC on December 8, 2008. There was a standing room only crowd in the Murrow Room, of about 60 journalists. The entire 2.5 hour proceeding was recorded as a video which we will make available on this blog as soon as possible.

I chastised the mainstream press for not covering this controversy more fully and accurately. Several of them were quite miffed and chagrined at being taken to task over it. One of them was even offended when I said I had grown up under a totalitarian regime, and that I did not want to see the USA go down the same path! She had the gall to tell me to go back where I came from.

I raised numerous questions about the “mysteries” surrounding Barack Obama and his family, including the lack of hospital records in Hawaii for Obama and his mother. The press was dumbstruck in many cases, since they clearly are unaware of a lot of this material.

When I was challenged by the claim that the Secretaries of State and other election officials had already carefully vetted these candidates, I pointed out that our volunteers had repeatedly contacted every single state election body and Secretary of State, multiple times, over the last few weeks, and had not found a single example of a state where these officials had vetted the candidates, or even felt it was their duty to do so (see some responses here). This is in spite of the fact that state law requires many of them to do so, and this is even written into many state’s election codes! I further noted that the Secretaries of State and other election officials are not doing their jobs since a woman who died in 2001 was listed as a democratic elector by the California Secretary of State. I presented Ilene Huber’s death records to the audience, much to their amazement and chagrin.

I believe that this press conference went a long way towards educating an influential group; the mainstream press. With continued efforts, we will raise the consciousness level of the US public on this topic.

Another account of this press conference can be found here.

Hawaiian Weasel

December 9, 2008

A Hawaiian judge has denied standing to a citizen, Mr. Andy Martin, who sought release of Barack Obama’s original birth certificate.  Dr. Edwin Vieira wrote a great article on the absurdity and cowardice of this ruling.  The article also provides  a fascinating look at how the electoral voting process would respond to challenges and what remedies lie beyond inauguration.

Martin’s suit…is not the last of its type that will be dismissed on purported “standing” grounds, because the judge-contrived rules of “standing” applicable to this situation are sufficiently illogical, non-scientific, and even anti-intellectual—that is, contrived from question-begging and ultimately undefinable, unverifiable, and unfalsifiable legalistic mumbo jumbo—that they can rationalize whatever result judges desire to reach, howsoever illogical, perverse, and even dangerous to the national interest it may be.

Donofrio – Part Deux

December 8, 2008

Earlier today, Leo Donofrio wondered what it meant that his case (Donofrio v. Wells) was denied and yet there was no word on a similar case in which he assisted, (Cort) Wrotnowksi v. Bysiewicz (Connecticut Secretary of State).

On the chance that SCOTUS was looking at both my case and Cort’s case, I must stress that Cort’s case does not have the same procedural hang up that mine does.   It may be that without a decision on the Judicial misconduct allegation correcting the NJ Appellate Division case file, SCOTUS might have been in the position of not being able to hear my case as it would appear that my case was not before them on the proper procedural grounds.

I did file a direct appeal under the proper NJ Court rules, but the lower Court judge refused to acknowledge that and if his fraudulent docketing was used by SCOTUS they would have a solid procedural basis to throw mine out.

I don’t know if it’s significant that Cort’s case was not denied at the same time as mine.  His case argues the same exact theory – that Obama is not a natural born citizen because he was a British citizen at birth.

All eyes should now be closely watching US Supreme Court Docket No. 08A469, Wrotnowski v. Bysiewicz.

If Cort’s application is also denied then the fat lady can sing.  Until then, the same exact issue is before SCOTUS as was in my case.  Cort’s application before SCOTUS incorporates all of the arguments and law in mine, but we improved on the arguments in Cort’s quite a bit as we had more time to prepare it.

Looks like the fat lady can sit tight for now.

Cort Wrotnowski’s emergency application for a stay and/or injunction as to the Electoral College meeting on Dec. 15 was today referred to the full Court by the Honorable Associate Justice Anotonin Scalia.  It has been distributed for Conference of Friday December 12.

Donofrio v. Wells – RIP

December 8, 2008

NJ case hits dead end in SCOTUS.  WND reports:

The U.S. Supreme Court today announced it has denied bringing Donofrio v. Wells – one of several cases challenging Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as president of the United States – before a full hearing of the Court.

Challenge in Washington State

December 7, 2008

Yet another case, Broe v. Reed, accusing a Secretary of State of having failed to confirm candidate Obama’s qualification.  Plaintiffs have standing since Washington recognizes the right of any voter to challenge candidate eligibility.  Read more here.