Arrogant and Fearmongering

I don’t know how else to describe the President’s op-ed in yesterday’s Washington Post.  It appears that the window of “HOPE” is rapidly closing.  Using this kind of extreme rhetoric to exploit economic adversity for political gain is reprehensible.  The window of credibility is closing faster than “HOPE.”


One Response to Arrogant and Fearmongering

  1. Margaret Rutherford says:

    I listened to our President speak this afternoon just before signing the “obcene stimulus package” tauting it as a good thing for all Americans. My blood ran cold as I listened to his empty rhetoric of hope and change and false promises. Behind the nice smile is a ruthless politician enamored with his “power” of the moment. Arrogance and fearmongering were indeed his ploys in getting this stimulus package passed. I do fear that under this regime, we will see a steady decline of our country. May all good men rise up in protest and may God have mercy on us once again.

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