Keyes on Conservatism

March 9, 2009

I like the way this guy thinks.


This is what I believe

November 17, 2008

Is conservatism an ideology whose time has come and gone?  Should Republicans blur the lines between left and right in order to reach out to a vast sea of “moderates”?  Is “the middle” the sacred ground that must be won and held to prevail in today’s elections?

Certainly not!

This 1964 speech is a classic in conservatism delivered by one of its greatest champions, Ronald Reagan.  It is remarkable how much these words continue to apply to this very day.  This is the kind of message and this is the kind of champion we are starved for.  Listen to the intensity and conviction of the thoroughly unapologetic delivery.  This is a message that will lead the electorate, rather than one that feebly searches for some preexisting consensus.  Where are the men of today?